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I have a dear friend named Betty. Her husband and her run a successful horse ranch in Arizona. They have two adult sons, a beautiful home, and a close, intimate and playful relationship that I am very envious of.

One day Betty told me something in confidence that shocked me! You see, I was moping to her about a guy I really, really had a huge thing for, and the fact that he had just started to date a woman that we all knew was totally wrong for him. So, Betty whispered in my ear, "break 'em up." As simple as that. I was like "WHAT?!" She said, "that's right ... that's what I did."

Breaking up a coupleThen she went on to tell me that when she met her husband he was actually in a relationship with another woman. But she knew she wanted him and she knew they would be so right for each other ... so she went about breaking them up!

Well, at first I was shocked, then I was slightly amused. I could see Betty doing that. She was a spunky, go-getter of a gal. And she went after what she wanted. She broke up a couple, took the man for herself, and lived with him happily ever after -- literally.

Expectedly, some of you may not think you can do this. You may think that this is for people who are real assholes, jerks, or just sick & twisted. But not so! Since the beginning of mankind, people have fought for what they want - whether it be food, land, or even a mate. The strong survived, the weak vanished. The strong learned how to break someone up, and take the prized mate for themelves. And they flourished.

Now, if you’re only a wimpy, usable person, the best thing to do is sigh, be happy for that person that you love because he or she is in a happy, committed relationship, and try to move on with your life. Most others, too, would advise you to do something along those lines, also; i.e., accept that you don’t have a chance of being with that person romantically, so why not find some other productive avenue in your life to pursue? Who knows, maybe someday you’ll find a chance at happiness with this person, just like all those “if it’s meant to be, it’ll happen” clichés. >>Again, that’s what most outside sources would tell you to do!<<

People will never tell you to go for it! People will never dare tell you how to break up a couple or how to break up a relationship...even though they, themselves, have probably either done it -- or have thought about doing it. Many people have learned how to break someone up, and they have walked away with the man or woman of their dreams.

how to break someone upHowever, if you’re reading this, then you’re probably not the most passive or cowardly person in the world. You’re not a pushover or a follower, and you don’t give up easily...but you do need guidance. And that's where we come in! Our online digital report here is practically the anti-hero of relationship books; for in it, you’re going to find the ideal way on how to break a couple up, and score the love of your life for yourself. Yes, this is basically a report that will put into print all those dark, little thoughts that you don’t dare acknowledge in your mind whenever you see the happy couple about. This is the report that puts into print all those hypothetical scenarios that you and your friends have talked about after a few rounds of drinks, but wouldn't dare repeat when you’re sober and back in your right frame of mind the next day.

This is a report for all those times when you wanted to do something about being alone and depressed after seeing the happy couple being 'oh-so happy' and gooey-in-each-other’s-company, and -- because you were a brainwashed member of society -- decided just to grin and bear it.

This report will tell you -- in step-by-step detail -- how to break a couple up, how to break a relationship up, and how to win that person for yourself. Whether it is someone who once was yours and who you lost to another, or whether it is someone you really know is for you, you can win them from the other person if you know the tricks this report reveals to you on how to break up a couple, or break up a relationship.

You can read this step-by-step report on how to break someone up, and win them all for yourself right now...just click on the link below.


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